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4th of July Safety Tips!


Fireworks are Scary! Keep Your Pets Safe this 4th of July!

4th of July:

Fireworks are a beautiful and festive display in celebration of a holiday or special event. Humans can love and appreciate what they represent, the lights and colors, but to some dogs the noise is more than they can bear. If your pet is unbearably fearful of fireworks or comes in contact with them, it could be a real concern requiring medical attention.

If you pet happens to get into your store of fireworks, they should be seen immediately. Fireworks contain materials such as potassium nitrate and metals like mercury, antimony, copper, barium, strontium and phosphorus. Ingestion of these components can result in severe illness.

In addition to ingestion of dangerous toxins in the fireworks, sometimes the object can fly to inappropriate areas, subjecting the dog to being hit, causing burns and trauma.

We are more than happy to see your pet for any anxiety/fear issues that might be associated with the holiday festivities. Often times the issue can be fixed with anxiety assistance devices (i.e. thunder shirt, etc.)Or some light medication given prior to the fireworks and festivities beginning in combination with placing your pet in a safe, confined area.

Summer Travel:

Summer travel with your pet can be an amazing and memorable experience. Let us help you keep it stress free by ensuring that you have everything you need for your pet to travel safely including but not limited to:

  • Properly sized kennel appropriate for your car, or airport specifications.
  • Health Certificates, both interstate and international.
  • Anti-Nausea medication for those pets that experience motion sickness
  • Anti-Anxiety medication for pets who experience travel anxiety both in vehicle or plane.
  • Medication refills to ensure that your pet is fully stocked for the duration of the trip.

We suggest that if you don’t want your pet to travel in a kennel while in the car, that you acquire a seatbelt harness. Sudden stops in the car or a vehicular accident can cause injury to your pet as well as yourself.

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