Cancer and the Importance of Early Detection

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We are so fortunate that our pets are living longer today than they ever have due to the advancements in preventative and therapeutic medicine. Just like in humans, this can increase the risk of cancer later in their lives. Many of my clients ask if there is a blood test we can run that will test for cancer, particularly in breeds that are prone to developing cancer. While there are a few cancers that do provide predictable changes to labwork, the veterinary community is still working on biomarkers for malignancy in dogs and cats in bloodwork. The best preventative measure for cancer is to detect it early – and the best way to do that beyond a very thorough physical exam is diagnostic imaging. 

CHAH provides the latest technology in digital radiology for our patients by a board-certified radiologist. We regularly perform: 

These tests can help us rule out cancer as the primary cause of your pet’s symptoms or diagnose the location and severity of cancer – giving us the ability to immediately create the most effective treatment plan possible. 

Once our pets reach the “senior” status, regular radiographs are an excellent diagnostic tool. Many times subtle changes in behavior at home can indicate the need to begin these screenings. “Senior” can mean different ages for each breed of cat and dog, and our veterinarians will help determine what that means for your specific pet. 

By: Lucy Faulkner-Scarbrough, DVM

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