Manual Therapy for Pets

Manual therapies for pets, such as massage, range of motion (ROM) exercises, and joint mobilization, can help decrease pain, improve mobility, boost the immune system, increase circulation, and promote relaxation. Our Central Houston Animal Hospital team offers these techniques to improve your pet’s wellbeing, and we provide information about each treatment. Massage therapy for pets [...]

6 Common Dog Sporting Injuries

Dog sporting competitions, including agility, disc dog, tracking, dock diving, flyball, and earthdog, are growing in popularity. These sports provide much-needed mental stimulation and energy expenditure for active dogs, but increased activity can lead to occasional injuries. Our Central Houston Animal Hospital team knows how much you care for your canine athlete, and we provide [...]

5 Reasons Your Dog May Limp

Is your dog favoring a limb? Many issues can result in a painful limb or paw and cause pets to limp. Our Central Houston Animal Hospital knows you worry when your dog is limping, and we offer information about common reasons why dogs limp and how we address these conditions. #1: Your dog may have [...]

9 Tips to Encourage Your Cat to Drink More Water

Cats were originally desert dwelling animals who relied on moisture in their prey for their water, which means that your cat inherited their ancestors’ low thirst drive and they are vulnerable to dehydration. HOwever, water is crucial to your cat’s health for hydration and preventing serious health complications. Our Central Houston Animal Hospital team knows [...]

Behind the Scenes of a Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning

Without regular dental prophylaxis, bacteria can infect your pet’s mouth and cause bad breath, gum infections, tooth loss, and serious heart, liver, and kidney disease. Professional veterinary dental cleanings are necessary to maintain your pet’s dental and overall health, and our Central Houston Animal Hospital team lets you peek behind the scenes to see what [...]

Pet Dental Health 101

Many pets are affected by dental conditions that can lead to significant pain and potentially serious health consequences. Our Central Houston Animal Hospital team strives to improve your pet’s health and comfort, and we provide valuable information about your pet’s dental health to help you recognize if they are affected. Periodontal disease in pets Periodontal [...]

Hydrotherapy: Water’s Healing Benefits for Pets

Water’s healing properties for injuries and aching joints are well recognized as a human medical treatment, but pets can also benefit from hydrotherapy.  Hydrotherapy—a therapeutic treatment modality that involves water, such as swimming or walking on a submerged treadmill—can greatly benefit a variety of orthopedic conditions. Our Central Houston Animal Hospital team offers hydrotherapy treatments—and [...]

How Postoperative Physical Rehabilitation Benefits Pets

Veterinary physical rehabilitation—similar to physical therapy for people—provides pain relief, mobility support, physical fitness, and strength building. Physical rehabilitation can be especially beneficial for postoperative healing from veterinary procedures such as orthopedic (e.g., elbow, hip, knee) and intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) surgeries. Learn how our Central Houston Animal Hospital team’s veterinary-supervised rehabilitation services can improve [...]

What Pet is Right For Your Family?

Bringing home a new pet is thrilling. However, when you are so caught up in the excitement that you forget to consider what’s best for your family—and your new pet—the joy may be short-lived if you realize your new pal is not a good fit. Choosing the right pet for your family is crucial to [...]

Nothing to Sneeze At: Respiratory Infections in Cats

You are likely no stranger to viral illnesses such as the common cold and influenza, which cause sneezing, congestion, and other respiratory issues. Like humans, and unlike dogs, cats are uniquely susceptible to many respiratory pathogens—making the kitty cold an extremely common phenomenon that is highly contagious among cats.  If your cat is sneezy and [...]

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