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Hello CHAH family!  We are here for you and your pets.  Your dogs and cats will get the best care and love we are proud to provide.  We are getting many good questions about how COVID-19 may affect pets and pet owners.  Bottom line so far: slim chance your dog or cat can contract from you, but there is no evidence they will get ill or be able to infect us. 

If you or a family member is ill, showing signs of acute respiratory illness, or COVID19 positive, please alert us!  This will help us properly evaluate the best way to help you and allow us to take the appropriate measures to protect ourselves. First, we will do our best to help with telemedicine.  If your pet needs to be seen, have a healthy friend bring him or her in for a curbside “PAWS ONLY” appointment.  And remember, if you are ill, avoid contact with your pet just as you would human contact. 

And please buy local.  If you need prescription food, heartworm, or flea prevention, please buy from us.  Not only is your purchase guaranteed by the manufacturer (which it is not from online pharmacies), you are helping us maintain our staff and the ongoing excellent care you are used to during these stressful times. 

For more information, please consult the FAQ from the American Veterinary Medical Association and the CDC:

We love our clients and patients and are here for you!  We appreciate your business. 

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