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December is Love your Cat Month and we are excited to celebrate these guys! Please  send us your  favorite photo so that we can save it in your furry friend’s file.  We all know cats are amazing creatures ; did you know they come from wildcats that originated in the desert? Due to a lingering evolutionary trait that aided their survival in the desert so many millennia ago, they are able to conserve water and produce very concentrated urine.  That may be why some of you never see your kitty drinking water.

Another very cool evolutionary trait for survival is that cats are masters at hiding any illnesses they may have and they can project a  stoic facade so as to not show signs of pain or distress openly.  As the loving owner of a cat and someone that is invested in your loved one’s well being, this can make it difficult to know that everything is OK. Here are a few of the signs that there might be something wrong and warrants a visit to CHAH- 

  •  If your cat is not eating or hiding in strange places  
  • Cats are creatures that can not go long without eating;  three days is the maximum time they should go without eating. Anything longer than that we intervene with treatment.   There are several reasons that your feline friend could turn their nose up to food; Pancreatitis is one disease that could go from mild to severe quickly and easily. It is the great imitator  and historically has been difficult to diagnose.  Central Houston Animal Hospital now has an eight minute blood test called a fPLI snap that can tell us if your cat is likely to have pancreatitis , which is a very serious but often treatable disease if caught early 
  • Another disease that can be hiding behind the scenes is feline heart disease.  Only 40-50% of cats with severe heart disease have a murmur that can be heard during an examination.  We recommend proBNP tests on floats every year. It assesses the presence of increased stretch and stress on the myocardium. Open mouth breathing is never normal in cats if it lasts for more than a minute or so.

Here at Central Houston Animal Hospital we now have the ability to run a proBNP test in- house! This has made it easier and more effective in diagnosing respiratory illnesses vs. cardiac disease. This test has definitely been a game changer for our patients and their owners!  

For this love your cat month of December, CHAH is offering a 10% discount on proBNP tests! 

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By Lucy Faulkner Scarbrough, DVM

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