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Underwater treadmill, plus so much more

Dog is going through Hydrotherapy in Oasis Underwater treadmill

Our UWT has numerous advanced features including, not only an incline, but also multiple jets for either increased resistance or added therapy.  We have also installed an advanced UV filtration system to keep our hydrotherapy sanitary while reducing irritating chemicals.

Small Brown Dog going through Hydrotherapy

Walking in our underwater treadmill is fun, safe and easy.

  • Walking in an underwater treadmill allows active muscle contraction with minimal weight bearing on joints and bones.
  • 62 – 65% of body weight is supported depending on water height allowing patients easing strain on joints.
  • Patients that have weak muscle groups or decrease weight bearing are able to ambulate better.
  • Moving through the water creates more turbulence which creates greater resistance to movement. The increased resistance encourages an increase in active range of motion.
  • Cardiac and peripheral muscle may be strengthened


Standing in our underwater treadmill is even easier and also therapeutic.

  • Hydrostatic Pressure exerted by water helps joints increase their lubrication and helps with circulatory or edema problems.
  • Our 4 jets not only increase resistance when the treadmill is running, but also provide a whirlpool like massage post workout to help ease tired muscles.

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The clinic will be closed every Wednesday from 12pm - 2pm for staff meetings and training.

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