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Houston Vet Services

We offer a variety of veterinary services to help your pet get healthy and stay healthy. We aim to be the best pet hospital in Houston, which is why we're a certified Fear Free clinic. We do everything we can to eliminate fear, anxiety, and stress during your pet's visit.

Pet Vaccinations & Wellness

This covers a lot of ground. Included in this service are both core and non-core pet vaccinations, our pet wellness programs, and pet nutritional counseling. Learn more

Pet Dental Care

Regular pet teeth cleaning is important to maintaining your pet's dental and overall health. It prevents bad breath, gum infections, tooth loss and serious diseases. Learn more

Animal Surgery

Advanced techniques and technologies for safe animal surgeries. Including information about surgery follow-up care and animal pain management. Learn more

Pet Imaging

Our in-house pet imaging equipment allows us to quickly evaluate your pet to help determine the cause of his or her individual problem. Learn more

Animal Emergency Care

We are equipped to deal with many animal emergency situations including allergic reactions, heat stroke, poison ingestion, animal attacks, abdominal pain, convulsions, and more. Learn more

Cold Laser Therapy

Laser energy increases circulation and creates an optimal healing environment which reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness, and pain. Learn more

House Calls

If you can't convince your pets to come visit us, we can perform routine physical exams, vaccinations, and testing in the comfort of your home. Learn more

Home Euthanasia Service

We only offer this service to existing clients. The last moments of your pet's life should be spent stress-free. Learn more

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Emergency Care

For after hours or emergency animal care, please call Gulf Coast Emergency: 713-693-1111