Rescue & Adoption

Adopt a pet and be a part of the change.

Our Hospital strives to aid in Houston's staggering problem of unwanted pets and pet overpopulation.

We work with several area rescue groups by helping orphaned, abandoned or abused pets recuperate and become healthy members of a new family.

Adopt, Don’t Shop! – Help Those That Can’t Help Themselves

There are many reasons to adopt a pet instead of shopping for one. First and foremost, you are literally saving a life. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you’re giving it a happy home while freeing up a spot at that shelter, which makes room for another animal to be rescued.

Additional Reasons to Adopt

You can get a much better feel for a pet's personality when you adopt than you can with a puppy or a kitten. You can find out how they act around children and other pets, how active they are, and what their general temperament is.

Less Expensive

Rescue animals have already gone through all the shots, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering that you have to pay for when you buy a puppy or a kitten. This ends up saving you quite a bit of money.

Lots of Choices

When you adopt, you'll find pets of all ages (hello no potty training!). It is estimated that 30% of dogs in rescues are purebred. So if you're set on a certain breed, do some research and find out about breed-specific rescues here in Houston.

How we use our medical expertise to help with rescue and adoption

Pets brought into our facility by rescue groups will receive the following treatments before becoming available for adoption: Medical treatment as needed, intestinal parasite and heartworm testing, full set of vaccines, spaying or neutering, HomeAgain Microchipping, and general obedience training.

In addition, our staff works with several area rescue groups to help meet their  medical needs.

Partnering with:
Meet the Pets

This is Princess, a cruelty case rescue we worked on at length with Adore Houston. See is happy and healthy living in her forever home with a friend of one of our staff members.


Tom is a very handsome male neutered cat. He loves attention and food; However he is not a fan of dogs, but could be your biggest fan!


Thelma is a 5 year old mixed breed; she has a couple of skin issues. She is such a sweet girl. she loves small or big dogs. Cats don’t bother her at all, she actually tried to acoid them at all cost. she needs a small refresher with manors because she loves to counter surf. However, she is potty trained and loves to sun bathe. Unfortunately, she is not the best with small children but all in all she is a wonderful dog! She would love to come be your forever pet!

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is a year old domestic short hair with the BEST personality! She is healing from her injuries after being hit by a cat and will be ready to go to an adoptive home soon.


What six month old Niko lacks in vision, he makes up for with playful curiosity and he is a fantastic lap blanket too! Come and meet him!

Thing 2

16 month old male neutered, rat terrier mix. Cat friendly. Would prefer (but not a must) to go to foster or home that can take his brother “Thing 1.”

Thing 1

16 month old Male neutered; Cairn Terrier Mix. Well adjusted, cat friendly. Would prefer (but not a must!) a home/foster that can take his brother “Thing 2” as well.


Small Shih-tzu mix, male-neutered; Well adjusted, Cat friendly.


Small Shih-tzu mix, male-neutered; Well adjusted, cat Friendly.

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