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Central Houston Animal Hospital – Emergency Care for Your Pets

The veterinarians at Central Houston Animal Hospital are equipped to deal with emergency situations with your pets during regular office hours. If you feel you may be experiencing an emergency with your pet, please call our office at (713) 526-1306. This will allow our staff to be prepared for your arrival.

In life threatening-situations, we will triage your pet and administer emergency treatment as needed including intravenous fluids, oxygen therapy, wound care, gastric decontamination, emergency surgery and medical intervention.

Common Pet Emergencies We See Include

Allergic/Anaphylactic Reactions: Symptoms may include: hives, extreme itchiness, facial swelling, vomiting, defecation, excessive salivation, ataxia and collapse. This may occur due to insect bites, stings, drug allergies, food allergies, contact allergies or vaccinations and maybe develop within 30 minutes after contact of allergen. Treatment may include injectable corticosteroid and diphenhydramine and fluid therapy. In some cases, observation and hospitalization is required.